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Business name Cristian Srls
Registered office address Piazza Della Repubblica, 12
47841 Cattolica (Rn)
VAT Registration Number 04560810402

Privacy Policy

Brief description of the functions in order to render the service.

By entering data into the related form, you will be able to request Hotel Splendid the price quote for one of the services offered. Point(1): You shall enter some useful information needed to set up your service and determine its price in order to receive an offer. Point (2): You will have the possibility to decide whether you want to receive or not direct marketing communications at your email address, in regards to the offers and promotions of Hotel Splendid. Eventually,once your request has been forwarded, you will receive an email informing you on the availability of the dedicted offer, by clicking on said email you will be able to access your offer. Point(3): Likewise, you will have the opportunity to decide whether you want to receive or not direct marketing communications based on your data profiling, namely you will be able to receive via email information based on your preferences, consumption habits inferred from quotation requests, or from other information eventually collected by the owner. If you do not wish to be profiled, close the request windown by clicking on “I do not accept”.

Processing of personal data

Here below are the website's management methods and those relating to the personal account in regards to the processing of users' personal data. The privacy policy is provided pursuant to art. 13-14 of Legislation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Congress of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural personas regarding the processing of personal data as well as the free circulation of such data repealing the Directive 95/46/CE General rules on data protection) to those who interact with web services, accessible via internet from the already mentioned website's home page.

Data controller

Following the consultation of this website, data relating to identified or identifiable persons can be processed.
Controller of third parties' data: Hotel Splendid - Via Carducci, 84 - 47841 - Cattolica - email:

Place of storage of data and addressees

Data processing related to this website's services take place in ITALY at the server Farm KPN Quest and CD Lan in via Caldera, 21 Milan, said entities are suppliers of Semplify Srl with legal office in Strada degli Angariari, 46 47891 Falciano RSM. Semplify Srl is the supplier of technology infrastructure services (sub-responsaible- art. 28 GDPR) of which TITANKA! with legal office in Strada degli Angariari, 46 47891 Falciano RSM is the primary manager. Data treatment for website's maintenance and management operations are performed by TITANKA! Data processing manager (art. 28 GDPR).

Data transfer in non-European countries

TITANKA! is a web agency guaranteeing privacy to GDPR, based in the Republic of San Marino, a non-Euopean country expected to adhere to the European Legislation on personal data processing via the adoption of its public legislation holding the same guarantees provided by the GDPR itself. In order to guarantee high service standards, data can temporarily be savedat the server farms ofTitanka! In Strada degli Angariari, 46 47891 Falciano

Processing purpose and legal basis

(1) Service delivery
Your data will be processed to answer any request that may arise from forms on our website , or request collected via email or telephone. The legal basis for data processing is of pre-contractual nature in the terms data processing is needed in case of information requests followed by a reply .

Further communications following a stay
Following the purchase of a service, Hotel Splendid will be able to forward further communication, even of commercial nature, to the user relating to its services. The legal basis of the already mentioned treatment is the legitimate interest of the data controller (cons. 47 GDPR).

Optional purposes

(2) Direct marketing – newsletters
Upon receiving your free consent, you will receive information on new products, promotions or special offers via email. The user will be able to deactivate the service at all times via the dedicate procedure and/or methods indicated for the exercise of his/her rights. The legal basis of the already mentioned treatment is the user's consent.

(3) Profiling
Upon receiving your free consent you will receive information based on your preferences, consumption habits via email inferred from your quotation requests or from other information collected by the data controller. The legal basis for the already mentioned treatment is the user's consent.

Consequences of denied consent on optional purposes
The denied consent of optional purposes of promotional nature (2) and (3) does not prejudice the data processing needed to deliver the service required, punto (1).
Your personal data will be treated even in accordance with the legal provisions set out in the already mentioned and the confidentiality obligations involved. In the light of the provision of the Italian data protection authority “Guidelines in promotional activities and contrast to spam of - 4 July 2013 (Published on Gazzetta Ufficiale n. 174 of 26 July 2013).

Data conservation period

The data conservation shall correspond to that necessary for the purposes deriving from the services requested and for a further period of 36 months. Should the information requested be subject of an online transaction, said data might be preserved for economic and fiscal purposes over a period of 10 years. The data conservation period is intended renewed for a further period of 36 months every time a new consent is given to data processing

Processing methods and safety

The processing of personal data occurs via IT tools able to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of data and in any event shall be in compliance with proper safety measures as required by art. 32 GDPR, through safe communication protocols with SSL encryption algorithms.

Rights of the interested parties

The interested parties (the holders of personal data) can at all times exercise the rights provided by the Rules through a dedicated personal account. It is possible to access said account by requesting the link the dedicated procedure below this privacy policy. A further method to exercise user's rights, in case the user benefitted from direct marketing services, is available via the dedicated link below the email received. Specifically, users will legally be able to request the rights from art. 15 to art. 23, more precisely: 1.The deletion of all data. 2.The modification / change 3.The limitation. 4.The portability. 5.The right to oppose to the automated decision making process (profiling). If needed, report further requests in the note field.

Acquisition of user's conseent

(2) Direct marketing – newsletter
Your consent for the reception of email will be registered by clicking the dedicated box.
Said consent will be registered to verify the conferment and allow you to unsubscribe whenever you wish besides any other of the above mentioned rights.
(3) Profilng
Your consent to receive information based on your preferences, consumption habits, resulting from your requests for a quotation, or other information subsequently collected by the owner, will be registered by clicking on 'accept' in the appropriate information banner. This consent will be recorded to prove its conferment, and allow you at any time to revoke it through the appropriate procedure at the bottom of this text, in addition to all other rights mentioned above.

Extended privacy policy on the use of cookies

Extended privacy policy on the use of cookies pursuant to provision of the Italian Privacy authority n. 229/2014, for those who interact with web-based services of Hotel Splendid, accessible from the websites and The website and the personal account dedicated to users of Hotel Splendid use cookies and similat technologies to guarantee the correct functioning of procedures and enhance the experience in the use of online apps. This document provides detailed information on the use of cookies and similar technologies, on how they are used by Hotel Splendid and how to manage them.


Cookies are small text strings the websites visited by a user send to its terminal usually the browser), where they are memorized to be eventually forwarded to the same websites when the user will visit the website again. Cookies are memorized based on the user's preferences by the single browser on a specific device used (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Types of cookies

Based on their characteristics and use, cookies can be distinguished in a number of categories:

Vital cookies
These cookies are vital to manage the log-in and the access to the website's reserved functions, usually for the updaying of pages by web editors. The duration of these cookies is strictly limited to the working session (they are deleted once the browser is closed). Their deactivation jeopardizes the use of services accessible from the log-in. The websites' public section will remain accessible.

Technical cookies of analysis and performances)
These cookies are used to collect and analyze the traffic and the anonymous use of the website. These cookies, even without identifying the user, allow for instance to detect whether the user returns on the website at different times. They also allow the monitoring of the system and help improve its performances and usability. Some of the website's pages can memorize the user's preferences regarding the font size and the preferred view mode (graphics, high or textual contrast) in order to access contents. Said cookies can be deactivated with no loss of functionality.

Profiling cookies
These are permanent cookies used to identify (anonymously and not) the users' preferences and enhance their browsing experience.

Duration of cookies

Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only until the browser is closed or when users log out. Other cookies "survive" the browser's closure and remain available even during the following visits of the user. These cookies are named persistent and their duration is established by the server at the time of their creation. Browsing through the website's pages, users can interact with the websites of third parties which may create or modify persistent or profiling cookies. The temporary storage of a single cookie can be viewed in the table "cookie list".  

Management of cookies

Users cna decide whether they accept or reject cookies using their browser's settings. The ttoal or partial deactivation of cookies might affect the use of the website's functionalities, but it will not prevent the browsing. The set-up can be defined specifically for every website and web-based app. Here are the web resources illustrating how to proceed for each of the main browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari.

Cookie list

Cookie name Type Description Length
MR_dsm tecnico It hides the MR PRENO engagement layer in the website until the end of the navigation session
MR_pgvm tecnico Views counter of MR PRENO engagement layer in the website until the end of the navigation session
MR_pgvnom tecnico Counter of missed views of MR PRENO engagement layer in the website until the end of the navigation session
_MRU analitico Navigator's unique identifier 2 years
CollectState*-* tecnico It keeps track of the calls made to MR PRENO servers and the page's loading statuses 24 hours
PHPSESSID tecnico Navigation session identifier until the end of the navigation session

List of third parties' profiling cookies

Google AdWords (Google Ireland) read the privacy policy deny consent
DoubleClick (Google Ireland) read the privacy policy deny consent

User's right exercise